Marilyn Joi Base

Marilyn Joi Base was found murdered in Muskogee County on April 19, 1987. She was twenty-two years old.

Marilyn had last been seen leaving her Tulsa apartment to go to the complex’s laundry room on April 9, 1987 at around ten pm. She had left in her vehicle and she was barefoot at the time. Marilyn and her husband were estranged at the time, however her boyfriend stated that when Marilyn had not returned home after an hour he went to check on her. He found the clothing she was washing still in the machines and her vehicle parked outside the laundry room with it’s keys still in the ignition, and the laundry basket she had taken with her still in the front seat. By all appearances- Marilyn never made it inside the laundry room to retrieve her laundry. Authorities never could find anyone witness to Marilyn’s abduction.

On April 19th Marilyn’s body would be found off Highway 10 on Braggs Mountain in Muskogee County after authorities received an anonymous tip about a body on a scenic overlook. She was naked and badly decomposed, and had been strangled to death with a ligature. It appeared her body had been thrown to it’s location from the road, as she was found in a ravine about fifty-five feet from the road, and was not visible to traffic. Authorities would also stated that they believed she had been found by accident and that the anonymous caller who led them to her body had nothing to do with her murder.

No one has ever been charged in the abduction and murder of Marilyn. She was incredibly beloved by her family and friends who say she loved animals and singing. She was an artist and was an incredibly trusting person.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Marilyn Joi Base, please contact the Tulsa Police Department at 918-586-1357.

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