On August 3rd, 1967 Brenda White was abducted from outside of a Midwest City grocery store. Just over three months later her remains would be found buried in a field near an abandoned farmhouse in Harrah. Brenda was six-years-old at the time of her death.

Brenda’s case is closely linked to that of Judith Elwell, who disappeared from her home on July 6th, 1967 and was five at the time. Both were taken during daylight hours; Brenda was last seen at 3:30pm, Judith at 6:30pm. Judith Elwell has never been found.

No real evidence was ever found in Brenda’s case, or in Judith’s for that matter, though there were a multitude of suspects- police eventually focused on one, a teen described as a loner from Harrah. Eventually the teen was cleared, and the case went cold.

In 2013, a private investigator from Lawton stated that though the teen was cleared more than 40 years ago at that point, he was convinced based on his investigations that he was the culprit in both Brenda’s murder and Judith’s abduction, though at the time he didn’t want to name the man. The suspect is now deceased, and as recently as 2015 the Midwest City Police Department has said that Brenda’s cold case is one they’re still investigating.

While Brenda’s parents are gone now, she does have a sister, and likely nieces and nephews she never got to meet. Brenda deserves justice.

If you know anything about the abduction and murder of Brenda White or the abduction of Judith Elwell please contact the Midwest City Police Department at (405) 739-1306.

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