Vernon Abdoo was murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 17th, 1986 leaving his local liquor store.

Vernon was walking down the street around 730 pm at 1600 N. Lewis when an unknown black male exited a car, walked up to Vernon, laughing as he poured a flammable liquid on him, lit a piece of paper on fire and dropped it on Vernon. He suffered burns to over 90% of his body. He died at the hospital the next day. He was able to give a statement, saying he never saw the guy coming, before he passed. He said he was walking home from the liquor store when the attack occured and was one block from his house.

The suspect was described as a black man, 6’0 and slender with short, dark hair, wearing dark clothing. He was in an old black and white or light-colored vehicle. Some witnesses stated seeing two men. His wife is quoted as saying Vernon had no known enemies.

Please call the Tulsa Cold Case Unit at 918.586.1357 with any information on the murder of Vernon Abdoo.

Vernon was 58 years old and a U.S. veteran.

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