Tracey Michelle Samuels went missing from the Tulsa area on February 17, 1993. She was twenty-four years old.

The day Tracey went missing, she got her seven year old daughter onto the school bus, and then dropped off her five year old son with her parents in Jenks around eleven am. She had apparently stated she was on her way to a job interview. Her truck would be found the next night parked at the Cherry Hill apartment complex in Tulsa. A resident of the apartments told police that they had seen a woman matching Tracey’s description getting out of her truck and into a white GMC of Chevrolet flat bed truck that was driven by an unknown man wearing a baseball hat. The resident further said that it appeared Tracy was reluctant to go with this unknown man.

Tracey never told anyone where or who she was interviewing with for the job, or even what type of job it was that she was interviewing for. According to some articles, it was believed that Tracey was carrying a large amount of cash with her when she went missing, how much constitutes a large amount is never stated. At the time Tracey went missing she was residing with her husband and children in Glenpool- and her daughter’s eighth birthday was on February 20th, three days after Tracey was last seen. It stands to reason that whatever happened to her, happened against her will, as she didn’t come home for her daughter’s birthday.

In 2012, Tulsa Police Department and the FBI received information that Tracey might be buried on property in Tulsa. Where this property is, who owned it, and why they thought she might be buried there isn’t known. Authorities searched and dug on the property for three days without finding Tracey.

Tracey is a member of the Cherokee Nation, she had blonde hair and brown eyes. She stood at approximately five feet two inches tall.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Tracey Michelle Samuels, please contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs at 918-781-4650.

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