Texie Louise Udell, no photo available, has been missing since July 22nd, 2010 from Pottawatomie County , Oklahoma.

Texie was 51 when she disappeared. She is Ponca and her maiden name was Buffalohead. She was 5’3 and 180 lbs with black hair and brown eyes the last time she was seen. If you have pictures of Texie please contact us.

She was last seen wearing a peach top and bottoms with black and white shoes. She had a previous address in Ketchum, Oklahoma.

If you have any information about Texie please contact us so we can write a more detailed article. There is no media presence for Texie and I wasn’t able to find her in any databases, except ours and NaMus. It took nine years for her case to be entered into NaMus.

Please call the Pottawatomie County Sheriff with any information about the disappearance of Texie Louise Buffalohead Udell at 405.273.1727.

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