Shirley Joann Snow Banning has been missing from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma since May 23rd, 1975. She was 36-years-old.

Shirley was last seen leaving a beauty shop near 31st and Mingo around 1230 pm that day. At the time Shirley was staying with her sister. On May 26th, 1975, she called that same sister and told her that she was going to Arkansas with Alex “Ace” Banning, Sr., her ex-husband and current boyfriend. Shirley’s sister stated that Shirley was slurring her speech during the phone call. She mentioned she was staying at “some inn”. Shirley hasn’t been heard from since.

Her car was found abandoned in the parking lot of the Hilton Inn. Several of her items were still inside the car, including two pairs of shoes, some undergarments, and flowers for Memorial Day. Shirley had planned to place those flowers on graves. She was close with her family, especially her children, and it is unlike her to be out of contact.

Alex had a history of abuse towards Shirley and his ex-wife. Shirley even told her sister that if she disappeared it was Alex who murdered her. Alex died of a heart attack in 1993 while in prison for a rape charge. He never confessed to Shirley’s murder. It’s believed her body could be in a well in Etna, Arkansas, on property owned by Alex’s family. In April 2013 a search was conducted for Shirley’s remains in Franklin County on property owned by the Banning family but nothing was found. Her family continues to search for answers in Shirley’s case.

Shirley was born September 13th, 1938. She had graying hair and hazel eyes. She was 5’9 and 160lbs at the time and wore prescription glasses. Shirley and Alex were divorced in September 1974. Investigators have said Shirley had $400-$500 on her at the time of her disappearance. She is #MP20142 in NaMus.

Please call the Tulsa County Sheriff at 918-596-9222 with any information in the disappearance of beloved mother Shirley Joann Snow Banning.

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