Shavonda Kay Ingle went missing from the Lawton area around Christmas Day 1996. She was 29 years old.

While there isn’t a lot of public information regarding Shavonda’s disappearance and subsequent murder, what is known is that about two weeks after she had gone missing her body was found in an abandoned trailer in Geronimo. By the time she was found, she was only able to be identified by her butterfly tattoo.

While she isn’t necessarily considered to be connected to the many cases of murdered women in the Lawton area from around the same time frame- I do not believe Shavonda’s murder should be discounted as related to the serial killings in Lawton. While she was found fully clothed, Shavonda’s case is eerily similar in most ways as the other women killed.

Not only did she likely know Barbara Berry, but Shavonda lived a life that was troubled. Which is probably why we haven’t seen much about Shavonda in the media. There are accounts of neighboring properties hearing screams from the area where Shavonda was found that were never followed up on properly, as well as a report of a taxi cab leaving the area in which she was found. One of the prime theories with the Lawton serial killings of the late 90s is that the girls were picked up by the killer who was a taxi cab driver.

It is a theory that has some merit.

In any event, Shavonda’s family is still seeking answers for her murder almost 24 years later. No one has been held accountable for her disappearance and killing. Its time for her killer to be brought to justice.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Shavonda Kay Ingle, please contact the Comanche County Sheriff’s Office at (580) 353-4280.

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