Missing Age: 55 Years

Current Age: 90 Years

Nickname/Alias: Bob

Sex; Male

Height: 5′ 10″ – 5′ 11″ (70 – 71 Inches)

Weight: 262 lbs

Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Date of Last Contact: November 10, 1986

NamUs Case Created: December 7, 2016

Location: Purcell, Oklahoma

County: McClain County

Hair Color: Gray or Partially Gray

Head Hair Description: brown/grey short, parted on side widow’s peak

Facial Hair Description: mustache or mustache and beard

Left Eye Color: Brown

Wears Glasses: dark gray

Scar/mark: discoloration of skin on lower part of both legs and ankles scar – left side of chest above heart moles – under right arm cleft chin right abdomen – vertical

Clothing and Accessories

Item Description Accessories:

brown wallet

Clothing: medium blue knit s/s shirt with navy stripes across white t-shirt beige polyester pants Tan corduroy coat cap – ‘JHCC’ (Joseph Harp Correctional Center)

Footwear: black shoes and black socks

Jewelry: watch, wedding band


1986 Chevrolet Chevette

Style: Coupe

Color: White

State: Oklahoma

License Plate: CFM-988

Comments: This vehicle is still missing. 2-door NCIC entry: VIN/1G1TB08C3GA159369 VYR/1986 VMA/CHEV VMO/EVE VST/2H VCO/WHI

Circumstances of Disappearance: Virgin called his residence on 11/10/1986 and stated that he would be home in a little while. Virgin never showed up at his residence; vehicle is still also missing.

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