Patricia Arlene Hamilton, known as Patty, went missing from her place of employment on April 9th, 1983. She was eighteen years old.

Patty worked in Seminole at what was then a U-Totem convenience store. Around 5 am the morning of April 9th, a customer had gone in and discovered that Patty was no longer in the store. Patty and her mother both worked night jobs and would routinely stay on the phone with each other, just in case of trouble. The last contact known with Patty was around 4:30am when she told her mother she was going outside to sweep the lot, and put the phone down on the counter without hanging up. Her mother heard nothing troubling, and would later hang up because she needed to make calls for the cab company she worked for.

When police would be summoned to the scene later they would find the phone still off the hook and sitting on the counter, and $114.00 missing from the cash register. There were two cans of soda near the cash register, though the sale of the soda wasn’t found in the cash register tape.Patty’s car was still parked by the store, it was locked and her purse was found inside the vehicle; her keys were located inside the store. According to investigators there were no signs of a struggle.

Patty’s remains would be found in Konawa in October 1991- some twenty miles away from where she went missing. Her cause of death remains undetermined.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance and murder of Patty Hamilton, please contact the Seminole Police Department at (405) 382-3434.

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