30-year-old Nathan Scoggins was a devoted father, son, and brother. He was a true cowboy and loved working with animals, especially horses, often being called the “Horse Whisperer”. He had a beautiful smile. He lived to spend time with his boy and worked hard for his family.

On February 26, 2016 Nate was home in Longtown, Ok visiting his mom after job hunting all week. Melanie, his mother, let Nate sleep in that morning and took Nate’s son to school at 7:50 am. She returned to the house at 8:40 am. She walked into her home and saw her son on his back in the middle of her kitchen. He had been shot. At first the investigators suspected suicide but they realized it was murder once they found the initial bullet wound in his neck. Key pieces of evidence were found in the kitchen, such as a stolen .22-caliber pistol on the kitchen counter. Further investigation found a different type of bullet at the crime scene. It was much larger than a .22.

Additionally, Monday, February 22, 2016 someone broke into Melanie’s home. Several items were missing and it’s known who likely burglarized the home. The burglary is almost certainly related to Nate’s murder, however, at this time no arrests have been made. Though his girlfriend at the time was in the house during the murder she was not able to give a description of the killers.

This is a small community and it’s extremely likely that someone possesses information that could bring justice to Nate and his family. His mother is fighting desperately to get justice for her son. If you have any information please call the OSBI tip-line at 800.522.8017. There is a $5,000 reward.

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