19-year-old Melody Jones has been missing from Earlsboro, Oklahoma since May 4th, 1983.

Melody spent the day of May 4th fishing with her family. Her younger brother brought her back to her home on Benson Park Road where she lived with her husband, Paul Richard Jones, around 10:30 PM. They’d been married for two years. Her brother noticed the lights were on and the door was open. He took her around back and made sure she had the lights from his car to light her way inside. She went inside with no issue.

The next day, May 5th, Melody didn’t show up for her shift at the Dairy Queen in Seminole, which is out of character for her. Her mom was called and she went to check on her daughter. When she arrived she discovered Paul’s body lying on the floor of the couple’s bedroom. He’d been stabbed twice, once in the neck and once in the chest. The couple’s .12 gauge was laying on the bed. It’s believed Paul may have been trying to load it when they were attacked.

Melody was nowhere to be found. All of her belongings were still in the house, including her purse, which had been dumped and scattered all over the floor, and her glasses, which she was legally blind without.

An extensive search of the area turned up no clues of the whereabouts of Melody or what happened in the Jones home. Investigators and family members believe that Melody was taken against her will.

Please contact the Pottawatomie County Sheriff if you have any information on the whereabouts of Melody or the murder of Paul at 405.275.2526.

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