Mario Valentine “Tino” Brooks was senselessly murdered on May 8th, 1994 at the Family Barbecue Social Club outside of Tatums, Oklahoma. It was Mothers’ Day.

19-year old Tino, from Duncan, Oklahoma, and his older brother Corey, went to the club that night together, both saying goodbye to their mother, whom they adored, before they left. Late in the night a fight broke out and became fatal when someone pulled a gun and fired into the melee. Four other people were injured in the chaos but Tino had a gunshot to the right side of his abdomen. His brother and friends rushed him to Healdton Hospital, Corey doing CPR the whole time. Unfortunately Tino died at the hospital.

In early media reports investigators indicated there were three suspects, all males, ranging in age from 21-24. None of those suspects were ever charged. Law enforcement has said that lack of cooperation from witnesses from that night has hindered the investigation. In 2019, law enforcement seemed hopeful about a new tip but there’s yet to be any arrests.

Tino was born on November 20th, 1974. He spent time in Germany as a child and was quick to pick up the language. Later, at Duncan High School, he excelled in sports and was a celebrated athlete. He was popular in high school, well liked by his peers, crushed on by the girls. He loved to pull pranks and making people laugh. He was a loving father, son and brother who is missed by his family every single day.

Please call the Carter County Sheriff at (580) 223-6014 with any information on the murder of Mario Valentine “Tino” Brooks. It’s time.

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