Nineteen year old Lisa Palmer was murdered in her Oklahoma City home on January 17th, 1986. Her killer has never been caught.

At the time of her murder, Lisa was a young mother and wife. Her youngest child, as well as her half brother whom she was babysitting, were home with her when she was murdered. In fact, when Lisa was found, her brother had been laying across her legs trying to wake her up- he was only eighteen months old.

Lisa was last known to have been seen alive around 12:30 that afternoon when her mother dropped off her younger brother; she would be found dead that evening when her husband returned home from work. While authorities described evidence of a struggle at the scene, there apparently wasn’t any evidence of forced entry into the home. She wasn’t sexually assaulted and there weren’t any signs of robbery either. It seems that Lisa had been strangled to death with no motive, making it all the more senseless.

Authorities about two years after her murder had stated that they had a suspect, though they lacked evidence against the person, and they never publicly named them. Lisa’s husband Donnie, he has an ironclad alibi and is not considered a person of interest in the case. He moved from the area to try to piece together both his life and the lives of his young children.

It has now been thirty four years since Lisa Palmer was murdered- and still there has not been justice for her. Her children were six months and four years old when their mother was taken from them, and they deserve to know why.

If you have any information regarding the murder of Lisa Palmer, please contact the cold case unit of the Oklahoma City Police Department at (405) 297-1127.

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