Twenty-nine year old Linda Sue Davis went missing from Claremore on January 7th, 1976. The last time Linda is known to have been seen was at Don’s Club at approximately 1:30am on January 7th. Witnesses place her in the company of an unknown caucasian male. It is unknown if she left with this man or if he had anything to do with her disappearance, and he has never been identified.

Linda’s car was found the next day; it had been abandoned in Oklahoma City. A witness told authorities they saw a man park the car before walking away from it. Linda’s purse was found in the trunk, along with her coat and prescription medications. Her coat had bloodstains on it and also had about twenty stab marks in it. Blood was also found inside the vehicle, on the fender and in the trunk. One of Linda’s shoes were found nearby in a bush a few days later.

At the time Linda disappeared, she had been scheduled to testify in an assault case, an assault she had witnessed. The person who had committed the assault wound up pleading guilty and receiving a deferred sentence. The theory that Linda had entered witness protection has abounded, however, Linda left behind young children. It’s doubtful she would have left her children behind if she had in fact entered witness protection.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Linda Sue Davis, please contact the Claremore Police Department at 918-825-3820.

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