Leonard Dirickson went missing March 14, 1998- he was 39 years old.

At approx. 9 am on March 14, 1998 while having breakfast with his teenage son, an unknown man pulled up to their home in Strong City, Oklahoma. This unknown man had apparently come to inquire about a horse that Leonard had for sale. Leonard told his son that he was going to take the man to Elk City, Oklahoma and then on to Mobeetie, Texas to look at horses. Leonard was never heard from again.

A waitress a few miles from Leonard’s house claims to have seen him with the unknown man a few hours after they left Leonard’s home that day, and they were eating breakfast. Whether the sighting is credible or not is in the air, due to the family of Leonard being absolutely adamant that he wouldn’t eat breakfast twice. There was also a sighting six months after his disappearance where a man in a bar in Amarillo who claimed to have seen and talked to Leonard. When police arrived neither the caller nor Leonard were at the bar. There is no evidence that Leonard ever actually arrived at his barn where his horse he had for sale was kept. He was last seen getting into a white 1994 Ford F-150 possibly with New Mexico plates.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Leonard Dirickson please contact the Roger Mills County Sheriff’s Office at (580) 497-2417.

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