Part Six:

Part Six

On June 4th, 2003 Pamela Woodring’s naked body was found by farm workers She was in water under a bridge in Kiowa county. Like the other girls Pamela had an ongoing issue with drugs and usually paid for that addiction by working the streets. She had recently moved to the Lawton area, though she was originally from Guymon. Pamela had recently been released from prison, and she was working incredibly hard to turn her life around. If she had been missing for any length of time before she was found, I have not been able to determine, however the month before she had been arrested in Comanche county, so if she had gone missing it was sometime between May 2nd, and when she was found on June 4th. As far as I know, to date her cause of death is still undetermined. Like the others, there was no outward trauma I know of, and there were no personal belongings found near her body.

Pamela was thirty-four when she was murdered and had three children. They have had to grow up, not only without their mom, but grow up hearing what are most likely horrendous stories about her.

Less than a month after Pamela was found, a seventeen year old named Tanja Marie Hook was reported as missing by her mother. At the time that Tanja went missing was living with her boyfriend in Lawton; according to law enforcement she was also working the streets, more specifically working the area of motels that some of the other murdered girls frequented along Cache Road.

According to Tanja’s boyfriend, he saw her getting into a black truck with an older, white male and she was never seen alive again. Her remains were found on August 30th, 2003 in a ditch in McClain County. Cause of death was unable to be determined due to the amount of time her body had been exposed to the elements. Though she was found in 2003, her remains were not identified via DNA until 2008. Unfortunately, her mother wouldn’t live to know that they found her daughter, she died in early 2008, before the identification had been made.

Authorities have not publicly stated that Tanja is connected to the “original” five women: Jane, Cassandra, Mandy, Janice, and Pamela. They have only speculated that it could be possible. No suspects have ever been named in Tanja’s case.

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