Laura Jo Langston was found murdered in Oklahoma City on March 21, 1992. She was thirty-two years old.

On the morning of March 21st, a newspaper deliverer found the body of a woman behind Hillcrest Shopping Center on Southwest 59th. She was found at approximately 6:15 am. She was fully dressed and it looked like she had been stabbed to death. There was no identification found with the woman.

Two days later authorities would identify the woman by fingerprints as being Laura Jo Langston. Laura was a mother, and was a New York native. How or why she ended up in Oklahoma isn’t known, but at the time of her murder her address was listed as being a motel on Northwest 5th. Authorities would state that the motel didn’t have anyone registered under Laura’s name, but its likely she could have been either using an alias or the room was registered under her boyfriend. Laura’s autopsy would show for certain that she had, in fact, been stabbed to death. She had been stabbed at least three times and her throat had been slashed. It was also found that Laura was pregnant, though she wasn’t very far along in the pregnancy.

Laura’s daughter has stated that when her mother was murdered she had been engaging in survival sex work, and that Laura was very likely trafficked or pimped out by her then boyfriend. DNA was found, however it’s unknown if the DNA was from sexual assault.

No one has ever been charged in the murder of Laura Jo Langston.

If you have any information, please contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405-297-1000.

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