Kristyn Richerson has been missing from Muskogee since May 25, 2018. She was fifty one at the time of her disappearance.

She was last known to have been seen at home. At the time she was preparing to go to Rocklahoma, a concert that takes place in Pryor. Phone records seem to indicate that Kristyn never left Muskogee.

One of her roommates, a man by the name of Carl Bryce, used one Kristyn’s financial cards after her disappearance. Bryce and the other roommate, Cody Campbell were also found to have either selling or giving away some of Kristyn’s belongings; both men were held as material witnesses in her case, but no charges in her disappearance were ever brought against them. However, during their involvement with another case, Campbell told authorities that Bryce stabbed Kristyn and then buried her in the backyard. The backyard was searched, and while a pile of recently disturbed dirt was found along with the scent of decomposition, Kristyn was not found.

The same day that authorities searched the house, first degree murder charges were brought against a John Doe for the murder of Kristyn Richerson. The identity of the John Doe suspect has not been made public, and the body of Kristyn to date has not been found.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Kristyn Richerson, please contact Muskogee Police Department at 918-683-8000.

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