Julie Mitchell
Julie Mitchell

On November 2, 2010 twenty-five-year-old Daniel Mitchell walked into his father and stepmother’s home in Oklahoma City to find a gruesome sight. His stepmother, thirty-four-year-old Julie Mitchell was laying in the closet of her master bedroom- she had been severely beaten about the head and face. Her one year old daughter was sitting next to her, unharmed, covered in her mother’s blood. Julie was likely killed sometime between 7:30pm and when the 911 call was placed at 10:22pm.

Almost nine years later, the police are no closer to closing the case then they were on the day Julie was murdered. Though there are several facts that set this case apart from most.

The first would be the two different sets of anonymous letters that were sent to local media outlets. Just days after Julie’s murder, two letters were sent to local television stations, though “sent” might be a stretch. One letter was left in a drainage ditch, the other was left behind a utility pole- whoever wrote the letters called the stations they were meant for informing them of the letters locations. The second set of letters arrived about six months later, and this time they were mailed. Nothing from the letters has been released to the public by request of the police, except to say that people were afraid to come forward with information about Julie’s murder for fear of their safety.

Another complication to the case is, unfortunately, Julie’s husband, Terry Mitchell; though not for the usual reasons. Terry was a well-known bookie within the area, and after Julie’s murder it became known that the Mitchell’s were running illegal poker games out of their home. About three years after Julie’s death, Terry would serve about two years in federal prison for charges stemming from this. At the time Julie was murdered though, Terry was far from Oklahoma, in an airplane headed for California. Whether her murder is related to the gambling or not, remains to be seen, but evidence showing that there is a connection has yet to be found.

Terry has since been released from prison, and has hired a private investigator, who has pointed the finger at a few people- one of whom is an insurance agent from Edmond whose checkbook was found at the Mitchell household when police were collecting evidence. According to the PI, this man owed Terry Mitchell money. In 2012, police conducted a search of the man’s home and office, collecting computers as well as a DNA sample, however he has not been arrested for the crime and absolutely maintains that he is innocent. It probably is worth noting that this man was called on to testify in the Grand Jury hearings that took place to aid in the investigation into Julie’s murder. He refused to testify- citing his fifth amendment rights.

The Mitchell’s private investigator also contends that the motive behind Julie’s murder is monetary. Her body was found in front of a large safe that was in the closet, and $30,000 had been taken from the safe, according to Terry Mitchell. Though there was another hidden floor safe in the closet, it hadn’t been opened, and it apparently contained much more cash.

Julie’s daughter now has to grow up without a mother, and even though she was incredibly young, it’s very likely that she was a witness to her mother’s brutal death. Someone out there clearly knows something, they’ve written letters with details about the crime. It’s time to come forward. Give Julie’s family some peace.
If you know anything about the murder of Julie Mitchell, please contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405-297-1000

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