Missing Age: 32 Years

Nickname/Alias: “Okie”

Height: 5′ 10″ – 6′ 0″ (70 – 72 Inches)

Weight: 180 – 200 lbs

Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Date of Last Contact: August 25, 2017

NamUs Case Created: December 7, 2017

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

County: Tulsa County

Circumstances of Disappearance: Shields was last seen at the White Crow Tavern in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 25, 2017. He has never been heard from again. Few details are available in his case.

Physical Description

Hair Color: Brown

Facial Hair Description: mustache, goatee

Eye Color: Brown

Piercing: ear

Scar/mark: right forearm (lateral aspect) small of back left flank – keloid left eye

Tattoo: neck chest upper arm – cross upper arm – words forearm

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