Sixty-five-year old Jim Bourk was found murdered inside his hardware store in Boise City on May 5, 1984. Jim had stabbed several times in his head, neck, chest, and arms. He had been stabbed over twenty times. Jim had been at his store that morning, per his usual routine of opening around 6am. A friend who had come into the store found him. Authorities believe that robbery was the motive, as over $1000 had been taken from the store.

It is interesting to note that on the exact same day three years before, May 5, 1981, Jim had been robbed at the same store. He had been pistol whipped and shot in the neck during this incident. He had given a description to authorities at the time, saying it was a mustached man wearing sunglasses who had hung around at closing time. The man had said he was from out of state and had wanted to purchase a rifle. Jim wouldn’t sell him one and that’s when the man pulled out a pistol and beat and shot Jim, stole about $500 and fled.

At the time, Jim had said the next person to try such a thing would “leave the store leaking”. After his death in 1984, police had developed a suspect due to a Crime Stoppers tip, but the caller didn’t identify themselves and authorities were unable to move forward.

Whether the two incidents at Bourk’s hardware are connected is unknown, but to date no one has been charged in connection with Jim Bourk’s death.

If you know anything about the murder of Jim Bourk, please contact the OSBI at (800) 522-8017

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