On this day, August 17th, in 1993, disability activist George Barnosky was murdered in his own home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

George had cerebal palsey and he was a wheelchair user. His home had been previously burglarized a few times in the last year. He was found on the floor of his living room in his house at 2440 E. 5th Place. He had been strangled. It appeared robbery was the motiviation as his wallet, money, and checkbook were all missing. He was discovered by his caretaker Rose Marie Turpin, who worked with him for 5 years. Rose said she spoke with him on the phone the night before his murder and he was doing well. He seemed to be alone and was heading for bed. She says he called her again that night just to tell her he cared about her. That was the type of man he was.

George was a disabitlity activist in Tulsa and was known for getting ramps installed in many places in the Kendall-Whittier district. George was loved by all, as his headstone says. His family was devastated by his murder and released an open letter to the murderer, condemning him for taking away their loved one.

If you have any information on the senseless murder of George Barnosky please call the Tulsa Cold Case Unit at 918.586.1357.

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