Darlynna Dawn Gilmore (Fillmore) was found murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 22nd, 1993- 30 years ago today. The mother of two was 30-years-old.

On June 22nd, at 7:45am, a man collecting cans in a field near 57th West Avenue and Newton Street, found Darlynna’s remains. The area in southern Osage County was secluded. Her body lay about 50 feet from the road. Darlynna had been beaten and stabbed. Her clothes were found thrown nearby. Her husband, Gregg Fillmore, identified her after he saw a news report about a body being found. He reported to police that he hadn’t seen her since 5:30pm the day before, June 21st. Darlynna lived just one mile from where her body was discovered.

Gregg Fillmore was arrested for his wife’s murder and was jailed for almost 10 months before being released, the charges dropped without prejudice. His friend Jeffrey Allen Beckford was charged as well, and then released, on accessory after the fact. Prosecuters stated they didn’t have enough evidence for trial. Gregg has maintained his innocence. Darlynna’s family feels as though prosecuters didn’t do their jobs.

Please call the Tulsa PD at 918-596-9222 with any information on the brutal murder of young mother Darlynna Dawn Gilmore.

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