Missing Age: 50 Years Hair Color: Brown

Current Age: 76 Years Head Hair Description: Gray hair but colored dark brown Balding with ponytail

Nickname/Alias: “Max” Facial Hair Description: mustache

Sex: Male Eye Color: Blue

Height1: 5′ 8″ – 5′ 9″ (68 – 69 Inches) Eye Description: wore glasses (near-sighted)

Weight: 200 – 210 lbs Scar/mark: upper leg scar – fell off horse onto barbed wire

Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian, American Indian / Alaska Native

Clothing: Pants, cowboy boots, Army surplus jacket

Tribe Enrollment / Affiliation: Yes Jewelry: glasses and a watch

Associated Tribe(s): Affiliated with Cherokee Nation

Date of Last Contact: December 1, 1995

NamUs Case Created: September 12, 2014

Location: Duncan, Oklahoma

CountyStephens County

Circumstances of DisappearanceHe picked up his work check and borrowed a jacket from his brother near Duncan. He was never seen again. Reported MP to Paul’s Valley PD. His vehicle was recovered near I-35 in a field near Paoli, Oklahoma

Comments: Maroon 1980s Monte Carlo/Grand Prix style car – recovered in Paoli OK

NamUs #MP26134

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