Carol Ann Batterman was 19 years old when she was last seen waiting the bus outside the Crown Motel May 31st, 1958. Carol Ann was headed to meet her husband Dennis E. Batterman at the naval air technical training center where he worked. The two where going to go to Norman to look at an apartment.

All accounts lead to the belief that Carol Ann did not planning to leave. She wrote a letter to her parents back in Westchester, Illinois the night before she went missing, stating she was happy in her marriage of 2 weeks. She also left behind her luggage, clothing, makeup, and $100 in cash in the motel room her and Dennis where staying in.

A witness reported a grey truck, possibly a 1953 Ford, stopped at the curb in front of the Crown Motel. Carol was seen standing at the open truck door talking with the drive. The drive was described as a 40 year old male, approximately 6 feet tall with a slender build.

The witness stated that they became distracted and when they looked back toward the area, the truck and Carol where gone. Carol never got on the bus and has not been seen since.

Dennis has not been considered a suspect in Carol’s disappearance. The authorities believe Carol was taken against her will and consider her endangered missing.

Carol’s 5’ 5”, 115 pounds, Caucasian female with long brown hair, and brown eyes. She has freckles on her nose and forehead. She also has a 1” x 1” oval shaped scar on her left wrist. She was last seen with a small white purse, wearing a beige suit, high-heeled shoes, a yellow Proviso Township High School class of 1956 ring with a black stone on her right hand, and a wedding band with thirteen engraved stars and “DB to CH -5/17/58” engraved on the inside of the band.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Carol Ann Batterman, please call the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office at 405-701-8888.

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