An 18-year-old girl named Jenny walked into her sister’s house to find a scene that she will never forget. Her sister, Sarah York, had been shot to death. Jenny didn’t know it at the time, but Sarah’s live-in boyfriend, Buddy Bolding Jr., had also been shot to death.

At the time of the homicide, Sarah and Bud had recently moved into a home in Pawnee county, near Appalachia Bay on Keystone Lake. It was a secluded area, filled mostly with vacation homes. There was no real evidence of forced entry into the home, though Sarah’s purse was found dumped out on the counter inside the home.

The couple had been murdered with a gun owned by Bud, which was later found by Sarah’s father inside the home- even though the OSBI had searched the home previously for the weapons, and they had utilized gun sniffing dogs to do so. The weapon had been wiped clean of any fingerprints and had been found in a closet.

Over the years there have been numerous rumors in the case, and law enforcement always thought that the motive for the murders was that Bud was selling marijuana at the time, as well as that he had a bit of a storied past. None of this has led to a solid lead, a named person of interest, or an arrest.

Sarah and Bud were very much loved, they loved each other, and no matter what the motive may have been in the crime- they deserve justice. Sarah’s mother has now passed without knowing who killed her daughter, and Jenny has had to live her whole life with the knowledge that who did this to her sister is still out there.

If you have any information about the murders of Sarah York and Buddy Bolding Jr. please contact the OSBI at 405-848-6724

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