Percila and Bobby Snowden were found murdered in Oklahoma City on October 2, 2003. Percila was fifty-eight and Bobby was sixteen.

At around 12:55am Percila and her grandson, Bobby were found shot to death inside their residence on Southeast 51st after multiple phone calls were placed to the police reporting multiple gunshots. According to Bobby’s girlfriend, someone unknown had knocked on the front door and asked to use the phone. Bobby had passed the cordless telephone through the door and then shut the door, only to have the unknown person open the door and shoot both Bobby and Percila. Bobby’s girlfriend had been out of sight of this person.

In media articles it has been stated that investigators had evidence that more than one individual was involved in the murder, however they didn’t have a physical description to work with. Bobby’s girlfriend had told them that one of the voices sounded like it possibly belonged to a female.

Percila had been a long time Oklahoma City resident and was absolutely beloved. Bobby had a three month old daughter at the time of his shooting and had recently quit school to work to provide for his family, but was working towards his GED. He had just finished working his second day at a local Buy For Less store.

If you have any information regarding the murders of Percila and Bobby Snowden, please contact the Oklahoma City Police Department at 405-297-1000.

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