On August 14, 2011 when Bill Shipley’s family hadn’t heard from him, they had grown concerned. The 47-year-old Goldsby man had been out of state working as a contract painter for Arby’s as far as they knew for at least the last several weeks, but they hadn’t heard from him since at least July 19, 2011.

Worried, his family went over to Bill’s home to check on him, and that worry became full out fear when they found Bill’s front door wide open, the house was in a state of disarray and the power had been turned off. Both of Bill’s vehicles, a Jeep that he used as a work vehicle and a Chevy s-14 crew cab pick-up were missing. At this point, his family called the police to report Bill as missing.

What we know is that Bill withdrew a little over $3000 from an ATM in Goldsby, presumably in preparation to leave for his out of state jobs, though he left a fairly large amount of money in the bank account untouched. Bill had made a phone call from his cell phone at approximately 5pm on July 19, 2011 and was also seen on surveillance footage at a Sonic Restaurant near Riverwind Casino. Footage suggests that he had a passenger with him at the Sonic, but fails to show the face of the passenger, and the passenger has never come forward to identify themselves. Bill’s packed clothing was also found left behind at his home in Goldsby, and it was confirmed with his employer that he never made it to his painting job in Kansas.

About a week after he was reported missing, on 8/20/11 his Jeep was found at an Oklahoma City apartment complex. A good number of products that he used for work were missing from the vehicle. The Chevy that Bill was seen driving the night that he went missing was found about a year later in August of 2012 where it had apparently been parked for several months at another apartment complex also in Oklahoma City.

Interestingly enough, Bill’s credit cards were used multiple times from when he actually went missing in July 2011 until August, 12, 2011. A man was caught on surveillance footage at a gas station and a steakhouse in Norman as well as a Home Depot using the card. Bill’s family believes that the person might have been watching Bill’s house, and when they realized that people now knew Bill was missing and the police were involved they ceased their use of Bill’s credit cards. A sketch of the person seen has been released to the public.

At this point it has been 8 years since anyone has seen any evidence of Bill Shipley still being alive, and he is feared dead. His family is hopeful this isn’t the case, but they have lived in misery. He is a son, and a brother- and if you know anything at all about his disappearance, it’s time to come forward and bring a family some relief.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Bill Shipley please contact the McClain County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 527-2141


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