Ten year old Tina Hogan left her Lawton home on October 1, 1986 to sell candy for a school fundraiser. This was the last time little Tina would be seen alive.

When Tina didn’t return home by 7:30 pm, her grandmother (whom had custody of Tina) began to worry. It is reported that Tina did run away from home at times, mostly due to conflict with her grandfather. However, her aunt gathered a group of people to go out searching for the girl. When they couldn’t find her, they reported Tina missing to police.

By 9:30 pm the same night she went missing, Tina’s body would be found dumped just off the road at NW 82nd and Rogers Lane in Lawton. She was nearly naked and had been bound and gagged. The rag that had been shoved into her mouth, would suffocate her, resulting in her death. While Tina was only wearing her socks and a shirt when she was found, it’s reported that they were unable to determine whether she had been sexually assaulted.

It is largely believed that Tina was last seen in the Mission Village neighborhood. A witness who lived in the neighborhood reported that they had seen Tina at approximately 7:30pm. Law enforcement believes that she was likely abducted from that neighborhood and killed somewhere other than where she was found.

Two suspects would be named in Tina’s case. One of whom was the person who found Tina’s body- though he was later let go; and another who was the father of a friend of Tina’s- who was eventually charged and brought to trial for Tina’s murder. He was later acquitted.

Tina’s murder remains unsolved.

If you have any information regarding the murder of ten year old Tina Hogan, please contact the Lawton Police Department at (580) 581-3240.

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