April McCaslin, 47 years old, has always been on the move. She is a jogger and runs marathons. She likes to travel, sometimes unexpectedly, but she always left a paper trail and she always returned.

On April 6th, 2012, April called her dad on the phone and said “they are bothering me”, referring to maybe the man she was staying with, or maybe someone else. That was the last time April’s father has heard from her. April was transient at the time, staying with friends and sleeping on couches. The man whose house she was last staying at committed suicide before investigators could question him and they aren’t sure if the two things are linked.

After April’s disappearance someone tried to use her bank card once in Tulsa but investigators were not able to determine if the person was April. Some months after she disappeared, a jogger found April’s bank card on a trail at LaFortune Park. April loves jogging and often frequented the River Parks area of Tulsa.

April is 5’5-5’10 and 140-155 lbs. She had blonde hair at the time of her disappearance. She has blue eyes. She has cervical spondylosis on discs C5-C6 in her neck, has bipolar disorder and doesn’t have access to her medications.

Please call the Tulsa Police Department with any information on the whereabouts of April at 918.596.9183.

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