Amanda Newland-Davis

Criminologist and Founder

Amanda is a trained criminologist who currently resides in Virginia. She has a BA in Forensic Psychology and a MS in Criminology. She began working in Oklahoma after writing her thesis on an unsolved murder case that occurred in Oklahoma City in 1984.

Amanda’s passions include historical cold cases, wrongful convictions, and death penalty advocacy. She has written in depth research pieces about the victims of the Lawton Serial Killer and the possible wrongful conviction of death row inmate Richard Glossip. Both research pieces can be found on Oklahoma Cold Cases.

Amanda’s specialties are cases involving sex workers, sex trafficking victims, wrongful convictions, and historical cold cases predating 1970.

She has been featured on local news channels and in The Oklahoman as a source on several cases, the links of which are below.

Glynn Simmons’ murder conviction was vacated. Is it now a cold case? (

OKC investigators seek answers after attack in cold case ( Criminologist helps families investigate cold case murders across Alabama

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